About Us

Brahmaastra – Our Values

What we promise, we deliver, always. Therefore the name Brahmaastra – always hitting its mark with ultimate force. This gives us the ultimate strength and belief not only to perform always but to always achieve and deliver what we promised. Thus, our two core value– also reflected in our name Brahmaastra – which we stand by and which represent us are, always dependable and deliver always.

Our Logo – Symbol of Energy

The Brahmaastra logo enshrines our core business values of growth, collaboration, cosmic energy and ultimate power. The five circles symbolize the panchmahabhutas, the five elements that make up every particle in the universe. Circles are a pointer to circular motion, which represents kinetic energy or moving forward. The interlocking circles stand for the spirit of collaboration and the overall form depicts the lotus flower, which is believed to be the abode of Lord Brahma, the creator of the Brahmaastra.

Who we are

We, at Brahmaastra, are inspired by extremities and challenges, keeping us motivated. We are a high performing team of reliable, competent and dynamic professionals endowed by deep domain expertise and experience. We are rock-solid dependable and we always hit the bull’s eye.

Brahmaastra is a growing company that specializes in providing cutting edge solutions in Real Estate, We target high-end properties, rent and sale we work closely with multinationals and embassies which have majority of the expatriates working, whom account for the greater part of our rental portfolio in the Residential space.

Helping you with our Expertise

To get to the best places in life, we sincerely believe everyone needs great guidance. Find that trendy condominium, your dream villa or the ideal investment property you have always imagined. Let a Brahmaastra Real Estate specialist take you there!

With our know-how in the rarified echelons of luxury real estate, we have access to landmark properties that cut through the clutter and the acumen to connect you with these masterpieces.

Brahmaastra is a premium real estate consultancy that connects affluent buyers with iconic, bespoke properties across the Delhi NCR region.

We serve discerning clients by bringing to them a luxury portfolio comprising Delhi’s most visible, hi-end projects. Moving away from the mainstream with fresh, innovative ideas, Brahmaastra guides customers through the home buying/leasing process with expert advice and tailormade services.

Transparency and technology are the bedrock of our business. By effectively leveraging traditional & new media channels and social media platforms, we help our clients make informed real estate decisions.

Extensive handholding is the cornerstone of our service. From the moment of your first enquiry till the time you successfully close the deal, we offer you a personalized, delightful service experience at every touchpoint.

Need Any Help?

We will help you find the right home


When you entrust us with your property needs, you enjoy complete peace of mind. Supporting you with end-to-end assistance and rapid response service, we ensure that you cut a deal that fulfills your aspirations.


Brahmaastra is a name that carries the tag of trust. Upholding the highest ethical standards, we maintain clarity and transparency in every deal.


Our portfolio is a superb showcase of wide-ranging avant garde property options that meet your high taste and elitist preferences. Whether you are looking for an apartment, seeking an exclusive villa or in quest of a penthouse, we have it for you.


Our portfolio is a showcase of verified property listings from certified developers and genuine sellers.

Market Musings

With our deep expertise and experience of operating in Delhi’s real estate sector, we precisely understand the pulse of the market. These valuable insights enable us to give best value for money to our customers.